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TRON is a science fiction film released by Walt Disney Productions, that was initially intended to be a completely animated film. They ended up doing backlit animation combined with the computer animation and live-action. Most of the scenes, backgrounds, and visual effects in the film were created using more traditional techniques and a unique process known as "backlit animation". In this process, live-action scenes inside the computer world were filmed in black-and-white on an entirely black set, printed on large format Kodalith high-contrast film, then colored with photographic and rotoscopic techniques to give them a "technological" appearance. With multiple layers of high-contrast, large format positives and negatives, this process required truckloads of sheet film and a workload even greater than that of a conventional cel-animated feature. The Kodalith was specially produced as large sheets by Kodak for the film. Due to its difficulty and cost, this process was not repeated for another feature film.

 TRON Kodalith Illumination cel of RAM, TRON, & FLYNN (1982) Entering their Light Cycles!

 TRON Kodalith Illumination cel of Jeff Bridges as FLYNN on his Light Cycle! (1982)

 TRON Kodalith Negative Illumination cel of RAM, TRON, & FLYNN (1982) - Rezzing onto the game grid

 Clu in Tank

 Ram & Crom

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